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BibleProject Reading Plans

Spend the Year in Scripture
The One Story That Leads to Jesus reading plan will guide you through the entire Bible in one year. Each day, you’ll read a few chapters—or occasionally skim through large genealogies or census sections—as you make your way from Genesis to Revelation. Check out the one-year reading plan with corresponding videos and articles by downloading this PDF

Multiple Reading Plans
Want to try something less intense? Try one of their many short-term reading plans by visiting

Meditate on the Psalms
Each day’s reading features a psalm for you to meditate on through quiet reflection and prayer. By the end of the year, you’ll have read through this entire book of biblical poetry more than twice.

Videos for Learning
Before you dive into a new book of the Bible, we’ll share an overview video that outlines the structure of the book and its central themes. In addition to these overview videos, we have also included many of our newest theme videos that explore topics found within each reading section. Follow the hyperlinks found in the readings for easy access to the videos.

Extra Reading Opportunities
Our team is working on a growing collection of articles, guides, and other resources to help you learn more about specific ideas introduced throughout the Bible. We’ve hyperlinked these resources throughout the reading plan to give you the option to dive deeper into a book or theme.

Overview Posters
Want to download or print a copy of each book’s overview? Overview posters are available here. To support our work and learn more about our growing library of free resources—online Bible classes, podcasts, apps, articles, and more—visit