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Spring Update

Nebraska American Baptist community, I wanted to share some exciting updates and humbly encourage your continued support for the impactful ministry of the American Baptist Churches of Nebraska.

So far in 2024, ABC Nebraska has been blessed to witness God’s hand at work in powerful ways. Our congregations have come together to spread the Gospel, serve those in need, and build vibrant faith communities throughout the region. Here are just a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished together:

  1. Local Outreach Initiatives: Several churches have launched new local missions and discipleship opportunities for families in their communities.
  2. Church Leadership Development: We’ve invested in training programs that have equipped pastors and lay leaders with the skills to shepherd their congregations effectively. The Prairie Pastor Conference welcomed 100 pastors from four ABC Regions and national partners, including the new General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Gina Jacobs-Strain, and ABC USA President, Rev. Nikita McAlister.
  3. Mission Partnerships: Our collaborative efforts with our historic American Baptist Churches USA mission partners and new ministry partners have created new opportunities for mission, ministry, and support.
  4. Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center: Camp staff work tirelessly to provide excellent year-round conferences for adults and youth. They hosted the Leaders in Training (LIT), hired summer staff, and hosted multiple spring events. Camp is so popular every single weekend is booked through November 2024! Since November 2023, MMCCC has raised over $400,000 to repair and update our Weaver Hall Dining Hall!
  5. New Staff and Ministry Leaders: ABC Nebraska has welcomed three new Associate Region Ministers. Rev. Joy Martinez-Marshall, Rev. Blake Wilkes, and Rev. Aaron Sprock’s spiritual gifts encourage Nebraska churches and equip pastors, in addition to their full-time pastoral callings. We are updating the “Pastor to Pastors Ministry,” led by Rick Wheatley. We have developed a Mental Wellness partnership with Workman Counseling. 

While these achievements are cause for celebration, our work is far from complete. To continue this vital ministry and expand our reach, we need your help. Your continuous support will empower us to:

  • Invest in Discipleship: We can nurture and grow the next generation of disciples by providing resources and training for our church leaders. We will offer two big events this summer: a worship conference on July 20 with speaker Rev. Dr. Bob Myers and a Bible Conference on August 24 with speaker Rev. Dr. Dennis Tucker.
  • Support Church Revitalization: Many of our congregations seek partnerships with the Region and other congregations to renew their mission and effectively impact their communities. During September, we will host a weekly Zoom conversation called “Faithful Citizenship,” where we will discuss how to boldly proclaim the gospel without being overwhelmed by partisan political promotions during an election season.
  • Enhance Pastoral and Lay Ministries: Your support will enable us to offer enriching programs that help pastors, churches, and congregants grow together in faith. Our fall Pastor Conference at Camp Merrill will focus on church renewal and revitalization. Our region convention, “Revel and Reveal,” on October 4-5 at Gibbon Baptist Church, will celebrate what God is doing in our churches and encourage one another to continue sharing the gospel.
  • Strengthen Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center: Camp remains Nebraska’s most vital shared ministry. We are committed to growing and developing ministries, conferences, retreats, and other experiences that draw people to Christ. To achieve this goal, we have dug a new water well, updated equipment, remodeled nine cabins, and will officially break ground on the Weaver Hall remodel beginning in November.
  • 2025 ABCUSA Biennial Mission Summit: Omaha, Nebraska, will host this nationwide event for the first time. We look forward to your attendance and celebration as we welcome the entire ABCUSA family to our region July 3-6, 2025, for “Come Seek Living Water.”

We invite you to make a difference by continuing to support ABC Nebraska. Whether it’s a one-time gift through the “” feature on our website or recurring contributions through your local church, your church covenant partnership of generosity directly impacts lives and helps us fulfill the Great Commission. We believe in the strength of our region, and your continued support is crucial to our shared mission and ministry. I encourage you to join us through your faithful engagement in these ministries and ongoing financial stewardship.

Rev. Dr. Greg Mamula
Executive Minister
American Baptist Churches of Nebraska