July 14, 2015

ABC Youth of Nebraska

Leaders in Training Plus
The American Baptist Churches of Nebraska and Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center are announcing a new leadership training series for our youth. The series of retreats will be identifying and training young people, high school juniors and seniors, in leadership, mission, discipleship, Baptist polity and the scriptures. We will be working to encourage, grow, develop, challenge and engage in mission our youth to deepen their faith and utilize their gifts for the work of the local church, the region/camp and the kingdom.

LIT Announcement
LIT Application

ABC-NE Region youth ministry is Christ-centered and focused both on ministry for youth and ministry by youth. The Region strives to help local churches bring youth together for the purpose of fellowship and ministry. The Region also seeks to equip youth leaders in local churches to help them reach youth for Christ. Camping, special events and youth conventions are key areas of emphasis for faith development of Nebraska youth.


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