“Encouraging, challenging, and empowering one another to be transforming Christian communities in the world.”

2023-24 Churches Helping Churches Leadership Team Members

President: Craig Erickson             
Second Baptist Church, Lincoln

Vice President: Jane Gangwish   
Gibbon Baptist Church, Gibbon

Treasurer: Bob Fairchild               
First Baptist Church, Lincoln

Secretary: Nola Crooks                 
First Baptist Church, Fremont

Doug Larsen
Sunset Hills Baptist Church, Omaha

Rev. Ngun Lian Bawi 
Omaha Chin Christian Church, Omaha

Carlos Angulo         
Verdad y Vida, Omaha

Patrick Fleeman                               
First Baptist Church, Scottsbluff

Traci Gilmer                                     
First Baptist Church, Fremont

Jill Blaylock                                       
First Baptist Church, Norfolk

Michelle Wing                                 
First Baptist Church, Omaha

Pastor Gene Hill                  
First Baptist Church, Alliance

Lorlea Mees                                     
First Baptist Church, Fairbury

Jamie Yendra
Gibbon Baptist Church

Rev. Scott Jones
United Faith Community Church, Valley

Rev. Nolan Hayes
First Baptist Church, Beatrice

Ministry Partner Representatives
ABCUSA General Board: Orin Clinger
First Baptist Church, Kearney

ABWomen: Susan Howell            
First Baptist Church, Lincoln

ABMen: Brad Pope                         
Second Baptist Church, Lincoln


Chaplain: Rev. Dr. Steve Wisthoff   
Second Baptist Church, Lincoln

Churches Helping Churches ABC Nebraska Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for the general management of the Churches Helping Churches ABC Nebraska business and shared mission as defined within the by-laws. All officers and members of the Leadership Team are members of good standing in a local church associated with ABC Nebraska. Leadership Team members are voted upon at the annual meeting of ABC Nebraska. Ministry partner representatives are welcomed to the Leadership Team by appointment from their group.

The Leadership Team work includes:
–Planning and organizing the Annual Meeting of ABC Nebraska
–Support and promote the Moses Merrill Camp and Conference Center
–Formulate the annual budget for ABC Nebraska
–Support Professional Church Leaders like pastors and other church staff
–Foster and promote the work of American Baptists in all ministry endeavors
–Appoint a Search Committee to select Executive Minister
–Appoint other teams as necessary for mission and ministry


ABC Nebraska By-Laws
ABC Nebraska Constitution

Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2024