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Churches Helping Churches ABC Nebraska, actively supports congregations and pastors in fostering strong and positive relationships. While each American Baptist Church in Nebraska and its Search Teams retain autonomy in selecting pastoral leaders, our role involves assisting them in identifying qualified candidates. We strive to facilitate the process of building meaningful connections between churches and pastors for the benefit of the entire community.

All perspective candidates should email their resume and MinstrElife profile to

First Baptist Church, Norfolk, NE

FBC Norfolk is located in a vibrant city situated in the northeastern part of the state. Known for its friendly community, it offers a mix of cultural events, recreational opportunities, and a strong emphasis on family-oriented living. The city is characterized by its welcoming atmosphere, diverse local businesses, and a range of outdoor activities along the Elkhorn River.

FBC Norfolk is seeking an experienced pastor with a graduate degree, commitment to ongoing education, and flexible leadership style. Responsibilities include crafting Bible-based sermons, active participation in worship, and overseeing ministry teams. The candidate should dedicate a minimum of 40 hours per week, engaging in visitations, Bible studies, and community events. Conducting ceremonies, participating in denominational activities, and contributing to the local ministerial association are essential. Regular reporting to the Leadership Council and addressing concerns with the pastoral relations committee is required.

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First Baptist Church, Blair, NE

Blair is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking a high quality of living and boasts a rich history, evident in its well-preserved architecture and historical sites. With a tight-knit community, Blair offers a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle, complemented by its scenic surroundings and a variety of local events.

Expectations for the Pastoral Candidate at First Baptist Church. To best serve the congregation of First Baptist Church, the pastoral candidate should demonstrate the following attributes:

A respectful and servant leadership style, with self-control, honesty, trustworthiness, humility and spiritual maturity. A high-quality Bible teacher. Willingness to work closely with the congregation and abide by the constitution and bylaws. Provide sound biblical guidance on physical and spiritual matters that impact the church. Foster relationships with other local congregations and engage with the Blair community. Visit members of the congregation, including those in hospitals, care centers, and those who are shut-in, as well as active members. Previous pastoral experience is preferred. Willing to be ordained, or have existing ordination recognized by the American Baptist Churches of Nebraska.

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