Churches Helping Churches ABC NE has developed important resources to help local churches and pastors engage in their works of ministry.

Church Resources

What We Believe-American Baptist Churches USA articles of faith
10-Facts About American Baptists-Printable PDF Brochure
We Are American Baptists-Printable PDF Brochure
What does the Churches Helping Churches ABC Nebraska Region Do?-Printable PDF Brochure
Autonomy and Interdependence Within the American Baptist Denomination-A short document tracking the history and practice of American Baptist Churches distinctives of autonomy and interdependent mission and ministry partnerships
Covenant of Relationships-An outline of the covenantal partnerships within ABCUSA. 

History of Moses and Eliza Merrill– First Baptist missionaries to the Nebraska Territory.

Pastoral Search Process

How to fill out your mission giving forms
What is United Mission? -Printable PDF Brochure

Legacy Giving

Use these materials to plan your Legacy Sunday event. See the document Promoting Legacy Sunday for tips on how to use these resources.

  1. Legacy Sunday Introduction Letter
  2. Sermon Outline One and Two
  3. Bulletin insert
  4. Join Us Flyer
  5. Facebook Banner
  6. Facebook Post One and Two and Three
  7. About American Baptist Foundation Two Sided Flyer
  8. Estate Planning Guide Brochure
  9. Planned Giving Gift Guide Brochure
  10. American Baptist Foundation – Mission Video

How the American Baptist Foundation Can Help

Other Planned Giving Brochures

Resources for Churches and Leaders on topics of worship, pastoral ministry, and stewardship.

Church Insurance
Brotherhood Mutual: innovative insurance coverage and risk management resources specifically designed for ministries.
Church Mutual: To protect those who serve, bringing specialized insurance expertise and innovative solutions to purpose-driven organizations of all kinds.
These and other similar church insurance companies have a vast pool of resources for church safety, background checks, short term trips, camp safety, preventative building maintenance, and other aids. 

Pastoral Resources

MinistrELife is the primary place for American Baptists pastors and churches to network with one another. It is a little like “Linked In”. It has resources for churches and pastors. It is a social platform pastors can interact with one another, seek mentoring, and find helpful resources.

Carpenter Fund
The Isaac and Carrie Carpenter Scholarship Fund helps Nebraska Baptists attend college, seminary, and continuing education opportunities. 
Fill out this form to apply for Carpenter Fund Scholarship

Education and Continuing Education 
American Baptist Colleges: There are 16 colleges and universities that are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA
American Baptist Seminaries: There are 10 seminaries that are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA
Kairos University: Kairos University is a global system of theological education that provides opportunities for students to build entirely customized educational journeys that are affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. 
Northwind Institute: Northwind’s teaching philosophy is called Guided Education, which is based on Competency-Based Theological Education. Faculty mentors vet resources, organize learning, and guide students through Video-Lecture Courses, Tutorial Courses, and Oxford-Style Courses, allowing students to learn in a way that works best for them. Northwind Seminary is a Contextualization Partner with Kairos University.
Seminary Now: A subscription-based, streaming video platform that delivers exclusive biblical, theological, and practical ministry training from a diverse group of leading educators and thought leaders. On Seminary Now you can receive certificates in three areas of concentration to aid you in your ministry.
Center for Continuous Learning: American Baptist online library for continuing education.

Supporting Baptist Women in Ministry
American Baptist Women in Ministry
Baptist Women in Ministry-An affirmation of Baptist Women Clergy across denominational lines United States. 
Women in Ministry, Biblical, Theological, and Practical Reflections-Truett Seminary PDF 

Baptist Publications
Word and Way
The Christian Citizen

Churches Helping Churches ABC NE has developed vital ministry partners locally, regionally, and nationally in addition to our historic American Baptist relationships to provide an even deeper level of resourcing for the local church and pastors.

Bible and Discipleship
The Bible Project: We believe that the story of Jesus has the power to transform people and entire communities.
Bible Gateway: An online collection of Bibles and Bible translations
RightNow Media Churches Helping Churches ABC NE has a special membership we can share with your local church. Contact the ABCNE office for information on how to get free access to this streaming library of 20,000 videos.
Institute for Bible Reading: Through their Immerse Bible Reading platform IFBR seeks to make the Bible more assessable to people. Also check out their “Bible Reset” podcast for conversations on scripture.

Mission and Ministry
Fresh Expressions
Holy Post Podcast
Mission in 5 podcast

Youth Ministry
Fuller Youth Institute
Tenx10 rallying the church to reimagine how we form the faith of young people — together.

Other Resources
Center for Church and Community Impact (C3i)-Initially called The Center for Family and Community Ministries, C3I is entering its second decade of providing research and hands-on training to congregations, denominational agencies and religiously affiliated organizations that bridge the divide between church and community. A resource from Baylor University.
Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics was a quarterly publishing project of The Institute for Faith and Learning at Baylor University. Running from 2000 to 2016, the series consists of sixty-one titles and their accompanying study guides, all produced under the careful editorial guidance of Bob Kruschwitz.
Safe Church Awareness–A Ministry of the Cooperative Baptist Convention (not American Baptist or ABC NE), this resource provides training and documents on being aware of possible clergy abuse.
Safter Sanctuaries-Nurturing Trust Within Faith Communities by The Upper Room–is a new and comprehensive resource that continues the tradition of Safe Sanctuaries ministry by building on the trusted policies and procedures that have guided churches over the past twenty-five years. This resource contains theological grounding for the work of abuse prevention, psychological insights about abuse and abuse prevention, basic guidelines for risk reduction, age-level specific guidance, and step-by-step instructions on how to develop, revise, update, and implement an abuse prevention plan in your church or organization.